I Like your Beard

I’m sitting here, starting to blog and guy after guy that walks by seems to look like a Zach Galifianakis replica (minus the satchel.) And you know what? I sorta, kinda, pretty much love it. I’ve always loved men with facial hair. In fact, back in the day when I had a mirage of ‘interests’ written on my Facebook profile, I actually listed ‘scruffy faces’ and ‘playoff beards’ as interests of mine.

And I don’t think I’m the only girl out there who likes a guy with a little (or a lotta’) scruff. At the end of Kesha’s hit song ‘Your Love is my Drug’ she says ‘I like your beard,’ and in interviews has confessed that a guy with facial hair gets her going. With an influx of celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Spencer Pratt sporting the look, I thought I’d touch upon ‘why beards?’

Why we love beards:

- guys without any facial hair just have no character. They appear very clean cut, giving them an ‘uptight’ kind of vibe. We all know about the 5 o’clock shadow, so the scruff-less dude seems too concerned with how he looks. Insert image of him standing in front of his bathroom mirror twice daily, upkeeping his look. Meh, not for me.

- because they make men look more mature. The whole baby-face look was ‘cute’ back in high school. But now, in our twentysomethings, us women are attracted to men who look like they are actually in their twentysomethings and can in fact grow facial hair.

- because we can’t resist running our hands through it. I think my favourite past time is laying with my man, ‘stroking’ his scruff. It’s that same feeling that guys love when they’ve just shaved their heads and you play with the back of their neck. There’s something sexy about it.

- because some guys ‘give good beard.’ Use your imagination here ladies (since I don’t forsee myself talking dirty to you today.) Hint: It’s like an extra tongue.

- because they’re a man’s best accessory. Like us women and our shoes, the men can ‘throw on’ a beard and create a stylish look. It’s an irresistible accessory that often makes and tends not to break a guys outfit. A ‘completion’ of-a-look if you will. Plain and simple, scruff is hot as hell.

I’ve never been shy to share this turn on to guys I’ve dated. One – a professional who had to shave every other day since ‘scruff’ is frowned upon in the work place – would manipulate the days he shaved so he could have optimal scruff for me come weekends, just in time for date night and would use lines such as “I didn’t shave today” as an excuse to see me. Long weekends with him were my favourite. Another – an ‘artist’ type – who was able to grow full beards and after we split, confessed he would keep his facial hair ‘on and proud’ in case he happened to run into me again (which he did, and it worked.)

My favourite facial hair (or lack thereof) story is with a guy I dated in first year university (who I know is a loyal reader of my blog, so congrats, you made my blog!) We were dating around Halloween and since another ‘interest’ of mine is hockey players, I asked him to dress up as my favourite player, jersey, hockey stick et. al. When I met up with him to head out to the bar, he had used eye liner to draw a beard on his face! I remember thinking ‘can’t this dude grow a beard?’ Needless to say, when we walked home from the bar and got into the street light, I noticed the drawn-on beard was no longer on his face…Let your imagination soar, ladies.

I think every guy looks better with facial hair. Everyone from my dad (see pic below) to Brad Pitt (image below as well, don’t mix him up with my dad) to guys I know in the scene. Facial hair give’s guys an edge and appeal that baby-faced twentysomethings who love their Mach3 just don’t seem to have.

So ladies, hide your men’s razors and watch the temptation grow. Or just take him cottaging. Cottaging is great because men tend to leave their razors behind. This may explain why I go up north as often as I can this time of year. Gotta love summer!

- Jenny Jen

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