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We never know how we can impact someones day.  By simply sharing a compliment.  By holding the door open.  By smiling at them.  By being grateful for something they did.  By writing a Tweet from the heart.  We auto-pilot our way through many routine things throughout the day, often oblivious to the effects and impact of our actions and words.

But that person you complimented, that person you held the door open for, that person you smiled at might really need that on the specific day you come around, little to your knowledge.  It might pick them up when they are down.  It might turn their day in a different direction.  It might even – for but a moment – make them feel happy and loved and appreciated and the like.

When one feels down and out, it’s easy to use that negative energy and let it out on others.  But if you want an easy pick me up, do unto others.  Treat them with kindness.  Treat them with graciousness.  Share little victories and friends triumphs and good news with your social networks.  Click ‘like’ on a Facebook status when one is reaching out.  Write a comment or a private message to an old friend just to check in and send some love.  This shows them you acknowledge them and the warmth that stems from that can be enough, when it’s all one needs.

Little acts of kindness do much for you as they do to those in which you grant it to.  Because it feels good to give.  It feels good to share love in a world that – at times – seems it lacks it.

And so it’s no surprise that doing the opposite will have the opposite effect.  Just because you are down on yourself, or confused, or uncertain, doesn’t mean you should bring someone down to your level.  Doesn’t mean you should say hurtful things knowing the sting will be unrepairable.  And especially if you know one’s weakness, the one thing that would kill them to hear, honest though you want to be, you must at all costs bite your tongue. Resist uttering names.  Resist the urge to avoid a friend or partners successes because you’re jealous or envious or the like.  The more you share with others, the more they will share with you.  The more love you give, the more love you will get back.  That one bite of your tongue to save the mental and emotional state of another is one of the next best things you can do for another.

– Jenny Jen

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