How to take not-so-great news

You get bad news.  It may be a surprise.  You may have seen it coming.  But no matter how you heard, it hurts like hell and your immediate response is to go through the why’s and how’s, and perhaps, to respond in a defensive way.  And yet, it’s not necessarily about the news you get, but how you respond that determines whether it’s bad or good, or how much it will effect you for that matter.

You see, we are always in control, so long as we realize it.  So when news comes are way, it is therefore up to us to determine the role it will play in our day, in our life, in our mind.  If you live with the mentality that things happen how they are meant to, and use this news to motivate you to be an even better person, than the news isn’t so bad after all.  We also need to be wary of shooting the messenger.  Instead of putting up defenses or plotting revenge and being vindictive, ask yourself what you can learn from this situation; this experience.  Perhaps thank the person for being honest in sharing the news with you whether it be a break up, a loss of a job, a removal from a team or group, and ask them if there are any take aways or feedback you can get from this.

Rejection sucks.  It hurts like hell, but only if you let it.  Rejection of sorts can really be beneficial in the long haul.  And if you focus on said long haul instead of the in the moment feelings, you’ll be – not only much better off – but, a pleasure to work with in the future.  The reality of life is that things come and go and what comes up must come down.  We need to be constantly learning for us to constantly grow.  Don’t let the dark, the bad and the exclusion or rejections that may so happen to come your way get the best of you.  To be the best you that you can be is to realize the reality of the way the world works and to be open and accepting that from it a lesson will derive.

Shake it off and instead of using your energy in a negative way, use it in a positive one.  After all, like breeds like and what we put out we are sure to get back.  Keep on trekking, toots!

– Jenny Jen

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