How to play it cool post hook up

You wake up at his place, hair looking something like a rats nest, black eyeliner smudged around your pretty little eyes.  You don’t want to move much or breath too deep in fear of waking him up; him being that same person you went home with last night.

Before you do that, you need to decide your plan of action.  Do you escape, try to shove yourself back into last nights dress hoping not to run into anyone on your elevator ride down to reality?  Do you lay there, still, waiting for him to say something?  To make the first move?  Protocal is somewhat baffling in a situation such as this.  Many of us want to stay and cuddle and be taken to brunch, but we don’t want to be seen as a stage five clinger, so instead of doing what we really want we call a cab and book it out.

What if, instead of playing a game, wary of how you come off, you decided to just act naturally?  Like waking him up with some oh-goodmorning! nookie?  Or what if you’re at your place and you bring him in a fresh coffee to have on his bedside for when he wakes up?  We often wonder why we don’t hear from guys after one night stands, but sometimes the answer is just so obvious.  We put up these walls, we play the tough cookie act, and it works because instead of him being annoyed by our over-attentiveness, he is thrown off by our overly-undramatic carelessness.

Stop filling your mind with what if’s and stories and creating concerns.  If he didn’t want you there, you wouldn’t be there and vice versa.  Relax, don’t run (unless you have somewhere to be,) and just be your fun, confident, loving self.  You’re not over staying your welcome if he invites you for breakfast but you are if he runs off a list of all that he’s got going on for the day.  Know how to properly assess the situation, and then do what’s natural and not what you think he wants you to do.  We are often the writers of our own downfalls, without even realizing.  Don’t make that mistake my little miss hit and run, you!

– Jenny Jen

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