How To Give Good Gift

Tis the season for giving. So what gift – pray tell – do you give to loved ones? And is it narcissistic to gift yourself while you’re at it?

In terms of giving gifts to others, it’s important not to get them something because it’s easy, or flashy, or will make you look like girlfriend of the year (though if you can do that too, merry christmas!) It’s important not to give something that lacks meaning or effort, even if it is a certificate to his most favourite store. It’s important not to ask your friends what they think about you giving him x, y or z. Instead, the gift that you should give, the gifts that mean the most are ones that come alongside a feeling. An emotion. Therefore, this is a decision you need to make on your own as you choose just the right thing to hit the sweet spot of your better half. Gifting an emotion is more than just words, or a well-written hallmark card in which you sign. A gift that comes with a feeling makes not only the gift memorable, but the process as well and there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing you can bring happiness to another, fulfilling them in a way they would have never imagined.

If we listen attentively to our partners, their wants and needs are often very clear. Are they overwhelmed with work and never seem to take a break? Do they have an idol? A favourite band, actor, writer, mentor, etc.? Well what if you did a Google search to see if that person will be in or around your city sometime soon? And if they are, why not coordinate attending whatever they’ll be at. If your man complains that he doesn’t get to see you enough, or that you’re always on your iPhone, why not gift him with a weekend getaway, sans phones? As you use your creativity to come up with something meaningful based on what he says, be sure to come up with a game plan on how to present him with his gift. Whether you change the screensaver on his computer to you holding a sign that says what the gift is, or maybe wrapping it in a deceiving box to throw it off, make the process come alongside a fulfilling and memorable emotion.

Often us busy little blonde, bronzed, babes want to one-up his previous girlfriend, so we choose an expensive purchase, often getting a material item or the go-to concert tickets and although that is all well and good, these are purchases he can make on his own. They are basic. Simple. Somewhat cold. I understand that one-upping mindset; it’s natural. Now is your opportunity to show him that you listen, understand his wants and needs, and can tend to them in a way that he doesn’t need to ask for directly. How lovely a feeling it is when a partner can anticipate your needs, and take care of them before you even ask them to. So get on it, it’s not too late to return that fancy shirt you bought him, or to come up with a jaw-dropping way to give it to him.

I smile when I think of the gifts I gave and received from the guy who stole my heart. No, he didn’t get me a little turquoise box (which I have received from former flames), and no, I didn’t get him a box with an apple on it, but these gifts in which we shared and how we gave them were way beyond the most materialist measure. It’s not about money, but about perception, care and love. And don’t forget, a blank card is the great accessory to a great gift. Use your words to tell them just how special they are too you. I bet they’ll look back at that card a few times here and there and smile as he remembers the moment.

And remember ladies, you know you’ve accomplished your goal in being gift-giver with the mostest, if you catch your other halfs’ eyes tearing up.

Go get ‘em, you!

– Jenny Jen

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