He’s thinking what you’re thinking


We often sit around wondering what he’s thinking.  He being the guy in our lives who we can’t seem to get off our mind.  We stress.  We make up story lines.  We wonder.  We expect the worst.  We might even wonder if he thinks of us as much as we do him, if at all.  But when you really get down to the bare bones of the situation; when you ask him point blank what the eff he thinks, chances are it’s the exact same thing as you.

When dating one who is clear about what they want, where they stand and how they feel, it is mind-blowing that we waste so much time and energy trapped in concern and analysis in our heads.  Is there someone you keep going back to who you don’t necessarily see a future with?  If so, then why do you stay?  Why do you go back to this person?  Why them to you?  You might be surprised to know that their reasoning is likely to-a-tee the same as yours.

Chemistry is either there, or it’s not.  How attraction works typically is what draws you into someone is the same thing that draws them into you.  Whether your relationship is amazing, terrible, awkward or sort of in-between where you know it needs to end so you two can break free and find the one you’re meant to have a future with, you are likely on the same page.  What your friends advise you about him, his friends on the other end are advising him all the same.  When friends get involved and give their at-times-dreaded input, they just want the best for you.  They just want you to be happy in the big picture, instead of acting on impulse.

So when you catch yourself lost in your thoughts about why things are working out the way they are, if you open your eyes you’ll have a very clear answer.

– Jenny Jen

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