Have your cake and eat it too

You meet someone. You’re attracted to them. They are so your type and everything in between.  You have a connection, or chemistry, if you will and though you can see yourself having a fun time with the gent, there’s this part of you that knows yourself well enough to know it’s not going to go anywhere.

Sure you can tell the gent you’re just up for some fun (his lucky day, me thinks) or you can just hang out with him until the initial fun dies down and you both go your separate ways, just like that, with a knowingness that your candle has burnt out.  But what you shouldn’t do my fair lady is write him off.

We have this tendency, especially in our latter twentysomethings, to write people off in the most Seinfeldesque ways. The second we see a trait that’s unappealing we run for the door (or the delete button nowadays.) We so often get caught up with the idea of The One, someone who is marriage material, that we don’t allow ourselves room for any flirtation; any fun.

Ingest that in which is your single youth. There will be a time – so I hear – where you’ll miss these opportunities; this freedom. So what if you don’t see him breaking a bottle under his foot under a chuppah with you all dressed in white next to him? Maybe, just maybe you can see your fine self waking up in his sweats and that top he wore last night at the bar.  Maybe you can just see yourself bantering over brushing your teeth over his sink. Maybe you can just see yourself wrapped in his arms come morn, before you rush off to your busy, high profile job.

When we get so wrapped up in the idea of things, so set in an end goal, we often lose sight to that which is presented to us right in the moment. I believe in signs. I believe things happen for a reason. I believe we are meant to cross paths with those who we do and I think that we should appreciate said paths for what they are.

You’re young. You’re beautiful. You’re here right now. Be in the moment and let things play out how they are meant to.

– Jenny Jen

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One Response to Have your cake and eat it too

  1. Naghmeh says:

    I love this :)
    that’s similar to how I approached my guy two years ago. We just hung out and at the time I had no expectations but it grew into so much more and 2.5 years later we’re still together :)

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