Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Tuesday.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Happy pink-wearing, candy-eating, rose-recieving day my little readers.

Now I decided I’m not going to get all mushy on you.  I think on this date last year I wrote about how The Boy (now The Ex Boy) spoiled me to pieces, completely embodying all in which my high-maintance self expects on Valentine’s Day. But this year I’ve decided I’d like to take a slightly less nauseating approach.  Since we are all divided under the single or taken kind of category, I thought I’d talk about what we look for in a partner.

And though I have a plethora of clients who I’ve dealt with who have told me ad nauseum what they all look for in a mate, I learned more numbers from a recent study done by Dentyne that said 33% of Canadians list “sense of humour” as the most important element of attraction.  Makes sense, no?  You want someone who can not only make you smile, but can smile with you too.  Now I owe it to you to mention that I am currently the spokesperson for Dentyne, and I couldn’t be more proud to have this association with the company.  I am such a fan of the study they did on elements of attraction and making chemistry.  I am a fan of it because

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