Happy december, darling


11 months or so have gone by since I touched this once-blog. But with a new month comes new goals, and so the story goes. And so here I am, back at it.

I’ve been hibernating in a relationship with a pretty, young, thing (you can read all about it, and him here in a feature I wrote for ELITE Daily) for most of the year. And, as Halla Rafati once told me, “You’re funnier and write better when you’re single.” To that I say, touche, my friend. Touche. Because I’ve learned through experience that no one wants to hear about how hashtag blessed one is. You, my dear readers, don’t grow from hearing about the early honeymoon stages of relationship bliss. And I get it. So I’m not going to dive into what coupled life is all about, nor am I going to throw any cutesy-wutesy stuff in your faces. But, I’m going to get back at it to blogging on here regularly.

December is the toughest month of the year for many, with reason. With pressure from family members, colleagues and friends, the holidays around the corner, and not to mention New Years Eve…whether single, going through a split or coupled up, December tends to give us a run for our money.

Bookmark this page and come back to it time and time again if you want to feel a little less alone. If you want to read about navigating these relationships and feelings. Drop me an email at kirsch.jen@gmail.com OR comment below on any subjects – in regards to dating and relationships – you’d like me to explore. I encourage you to send in questions and help me help you (I’ve always wanted to say that!) Also, follow me along on Instagram @jen_kirsch where I’ll start sharing tips and links to hot, new articles that just might help you and your besties figure shit out. From decoding texts, to wondering if your crush really wants you to figuring out how to navigate an awkward Tinder date, I gotchu.

Oh and looking to cozy up and hibernate at home throughout the month? I’m an avid reader and love playing the book cupid, matching people up with the best book for them to read based on their former faves. You can follow along on what I’m reading here, and feel free to hit me up for suggestions.

Currently reading: Without Merit, which I took out of my local library.

Happy December, darlings.

– Jen

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