Girl on Girl Hand Holding

When making my way through a club on a girls night out, I always seem to have one of my girlfriends hands in mine. Hand holding. We head to the washroom holding hands, strut around the bar holding hands, head to coat check holding hands, walk out of the club holding hands…I think you get the point. I often notice a number of other girls doing the hand hold when at the clubs. It’s a funny idea when you come to think of it, because I totally wouldn’t hold a girlfriends hand while shopping at a mall, going to the washroom at a restaurant or at any time at all other than the bar. So why does the hand hold come out to play when we are out for a night on the town?

Oh and then there’s the hand squeeze. That’s my favourite. The hand squeeze happens when, as we are holding hands, the squeezer notices someone from across the way and squeezes the squeezy’s hand as a warning sign. When my hand is in a girlfriends, and it gets squeeze, I am immediately on alert. It could be an alert on anything and everything, but the usual suspects are: a former flame, a frenemie, a crush and/or a guy who you can’t seem to escape from (stage five clinger styles). The squeezer may also squeeze if they see any of the above in relation to them, and in this case it is almost like a warning that support may just happen to be needed.

I’ve been the squeezer and the squeezy. Last night I was out with some friends, and one of my besties had my hand in hers for the better part of the night. She guided me through the crowd, hand in hand and boy did she squeeze up a storm. I loved it. I almost felt as though she was the catcher and I was the pitcher and we had a secret signal system working to our benefit. She’d squeeze, I’d do a quick glance at the crowd, then I’d squeeze back when I saw what I inferred her squeeze was based on. This is all well and good, but when our hands lose site of one another, thats when trouble ensues. I may be blonde and blunt on here but I have the tendency to be more on the politeish side when I’m out. So when hand holder friend of mine is outside on yet another smoke break (Another? Really?), I’m stuck in an unwarned situations that would have been preferable to avoid. It’s in that exact moment that I yearn for my hand to be held.

Why do us women do the hand hold thing? Is it because we are scared to lose a sidekick? Because our heels are too high and we fear falling flat on our pretty little faces? Because we are too tipsy to guide our own way?

I’m a hand holder through and through with my girlfriends. I think there’s a sense of closeness that comes with the hand hold. It’s almost like a statement that we are out together, a force to be reckoned with. The cons to the hand hold are the obvious if someone bumps into her, her drink is going all over me. No questions. And vice versa. Thank god girls these days all seem to be sporting the vodka soda; it’s an ideal situation for any fashionista with an overfilled glass. The teens were the day in age for the cran-vodkas, but twentysomethings love a good vodka soda (splash of lime optional). And the best part is when you feel sudden wetness on you as the outcome of an inevitable bar spill, it’s all good. It’s just like water and will dry up. Night goes on, no hard feelings.

Are you a hand holder? Are there certain friends of yours who are hand hold players, grabbing a new hand as soon as theirs is dropped?

Here are some fellow twentysomethings caught doing the go-to girlfriend hand hold:

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