Gifts We Really Want for the Holidays

So last year, as the snow was ‘a fallin and I was sipping a whole lotta green tea from my festive red Venti cup, the ‘season of giving’ was in the air. It was therefore no surprise that my boy was about to pop the question. He was stuck in Florida with his family, while I was here doing my blog thing.

It was over a ‘oh I miss you’/’no i miss you more’ Skype date when he started stuttering. I knew this was the moment. He looked at me and asked, “Is there anything special you want that I can get you while I’m here?” Insert image of me glowing like a Menorah lit up on the eighth night of Hannukah. And without skipping a beat, I put in my request for something ‘naughty’ from Victoria’s Secret that we could play with when he gets home. The boy’s jaw dropped. It’s true girls, I saw it. And to be honest, it really was all I wanted (the gift, not the jaw dropping, but that worked too). But after the jaw drop/blushing combo, I saw that cute, little nervous look he gets, and I knew I’d have to talk him into calmness before he attempted to go on his way, in his role of The (panty) Provider.

There’s something to be said for what he selects, inviting you into his thoughts on what he thinks is sexy and what gets him going. It’s the perfect, subtle, non-verbal way you to get a glimpse of what he wants to see in the bedroom.

The things he needs to know before he heads for his trip into the land of lace:

1) Your Bra Size – don’t get offended if he doesn’t already know it. I’m sure he can tell you whether it’s a handful, or half a handful, etc, but guys need numbers to make things happen.

2) Some Stroking (of the ego that is) – Men see going to lingerie stores just like they do running in the pharmacy to grab a box of tampons. They are slightly embarrassed, slightly uncertain and have no idea what to expect. It’s a walking-on-egg-shells and looking-over-shoulders type energy they’ve got going on. He’s likely worried he’ll run into his mom, a girl he knows, and is also on edge knowing that someone in the store full of women is bound to make a cutesy comment. Tell him a story about the guy who works there that once helped you, or how you had to send your brother in to get you some stuff when you found out he was taking a trip to the US of A.

3) Appreciation: Guys get discouraged easily. I find if you remind them how lucky/thankful/grateful/excited you are for the gift, it gives them some added motivation. Go get ‘em tiger!

- Jenny Jen


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