Fuck Cancer

save second base

How sad it is that many of us have lost loved ones to something we have no control over, cancer. And though we have to accept our circumstances and cope the best way we can, there’s still something we can do: support the cause by donating money to cancer research and raising awareness about cancer prevention, to help save those who are currently battling. So often our conversations fail to discuss such a huge issue, since it makes many uncomfortable, but there are many ways we can make a difference.

I arrived back to Toronto today from Jamaica, and can’t help but thinking about a guy I met there. This twentysomething was there with a buddy of his. When I asked about their week long getaway at the Iberostar in Jamaica where I was also staying, he told me that he flew him and his friend out for a week, since his buddy is having a difficult time dealing with the recent loss of his mom. I was so touched and warmed by the generousity – and further more, consideration – of this guy. I was blown away with how supportive he was of his friends loss.

When we have friends or family members who are coping with loss, we ourselves are at a loss of words of what to say, what to do, how to act. This results in many of us avoiding the topic all together, further isolating the one who is going through loss.

So how can we make a difference? By showing our support. For those of you in Toronto this weekend, I highly suggest coming out to the annual FUCK Cancer event, at Cinema. The proceeds of the $40 ticket will go towards research and surgical innovation at UHN. You can purchase tickets here and get in the conversation on Twitter here.

– Jenny Jen

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