Event Protocol: What To Do When Your Date Is Out Of Town

An influx of invites come your way. A product launch here, a screening there. A look at your iCal proves that each night this week you have yet another post-work event to attend. Though you’re not complaining (and in fact even looking forward to making an appearance) you can’t help but think that you might be a little more excited if your arm candy wasn’t out of town.

Which begs the question: What is the proper protocol of attending an event or function when your significant other is out of town (or simply can’t attend)?

Here are the obvious options:

1) Fly solo: Just because your man can’t attend, doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Put on a killer outfit, some confidence and fill your neon-clutch with a handful of business cards. Look at this as a chance to mingle without being given ‘that look’ for handing out your card and do your duty of working a room the best way you know how.

2) Invite a less good looking girlfriend to join you: The purpose of many events is to network, which is why bringing a good looking, well versed friend may not work to your advantage. If you want to showcase yourself, you want to bring someone that will make you look good and compliment you, but not someone who will command more attention and take away from potential opportunities from you. Bring a counterpart. And remember, this person is a reflection of you so if you need to use the ‘open bar’ as a hook to get your girlfriend to join, chances are you’ve chosen the wrong plus one.

3) Invite a non-threatening guy friend to be your ‘date': Many of us have backups: close guy friends who we can call upon to be pull a cameo as our date, when our boyfriend is out of town, who won’t feel used or offended to play the role of the fill in. The point of inviting a date is so you can still have fun, have someone to shmooze with and be by your side when you need to get out of awkward and unwanted convos and to not make you feel like a loner, or worse – a stage five clinger – to the few acquaintances you run into. Chances are – if your man was in town – he’d love nothing more than to be your arm candy, so don’t take his lack of attendance out on him by inviting a former flame, or a random acquaintance. Instead, invite a mutual friend of both of yours so your guy doesn’t feel threatened (and so you don’t put yourself in an awkward situation). Bonus points if he’s gay, married or engaged. The less of a threat, the better.

4) Be MIA: You might be a social butterfly, but you don’t want your flutters to be percieved as hanging off of other people. If you are invited with a plus one, and don’t know many people at an event, it’s always best to have an accomplice. If the event or function is one you can miss without losing an opportunity, if you can’t find a suitable date it might be best to forego attending, to save face. Sometimes not showing up can make you come off better than showing up and standing solo at the bar.

What is your go-to protocol when your date is out of town? Do you agree that one of the above four options are your best bet? If you were out of town, what would you want your sig oth to do?

- Jenny Jen

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One Response to Event Protocol: What To Do When Your Date Is Out Of Town

  1. Zach says:

    That girl is sexy, but her hair is a little long in my opinion. I also suspect she might be a bore to talk to considering the kissy face.Option 2 or 3 are the best.

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