Dress With Purpose

You spend upwards of six nights a week with your other half, doing the same old same old most of us coupled up cuties do after a work day. You both get home from work, strip yourselves from your power suits and into a more homey uniform (basketball shorts and an old t-shirt for him, a pair of sweats and one of his oversized t-shirts for you), and you play out the usual cooking dinner, catching up, cleaning, cuddling night time routine. And yes it’s the same old thing, although sometimes you have your date nights, but otherwise you don’t mind doing ‘the usual.’ In fact, there’s something kind of nice with coming home to your babe, knowing what to expect and playing out a routine. But there’s a little something that could change up the routine once in a while, a little something that – not only will get your partners attention, but – will make you feel better, a bit different, even a bit refreshed.

Changing into something different. That’s it. Instead of throwing on his tee, why don’t you change out of your work clothes, but into something else? Something you feel great in. It could just be a pair of skinny jeans and a fitted american apparel v-neck, it could be a little black dress that you can dress down by throwing your blonde lockes up into a messy bun, but I guarantee just by changing into something different, your mind will be refreshed.

Think about it, at the beginning of your relationship you constantly thought about what to wear when you’d go over to his place for dinner or when you’d host him at yours. Even when you wanted to dress the ‘dressed down’ part, you had each article of clothing picked out to a tee, all part of your master plan to win him over with your enchanting knack for style. We get so comfortable with our partner, that we often let go of that want and drive to dress up for him (something that, is more for us than him anyways, after all – when we dress in a way that we think makes us attractive, we naturally feel more confident, happy and at ease in our own skin.)

When he gets home to see you prepping a healthy dinner dish (and four side dishes) for dinner, as you listen to your favourite tunes, with the lights dimmed and tea-candles lit, in an outfit other than your go-to post-work uniform, he’ll be reminded of those feelings and that mystery of what you’d do next like he had when you started dating. Take time to make yourself feel great, instead of going on autopilot, and those around you won’t help but be able to seep in your greatness.

- Jenny Jen

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