Don’t Look Back

Don’t look back on what was, for it is not.

Don’t wish and want and wonder, when there’s nothing you can do to undo.

Don’t will to forget, when once upon a time it was your everything. But accept, it no longer is.

Don’t confront obvious triggers to these memories, opening wounds that are better left to heal.

Don’t give into your thoughts, but instead press pause on the reel and scenes which you play in your head for they will only make you hunger more monumental moments like those that are unattainable at this point.

Don’t allow feelings of hurt or ill will to get the best of you, for rising above will instead make you the best you you can be.

Sometimes we need a reminder. Sometimes we need to stop ourselves. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to finally put ourselves first, and not worry about someone else and what their next move might be. The now is this moment, the same moment that – for some reason or another – this person has chosen to not be a part of. No speculating or hoping or whatever your all-over-the-place emotions are drawing you to will make much difference, because it is taking you out of the present. Embrace the now for the reality that it is, and you too can open up yourself to the reality that will be.

- Jenny Jen

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