Does He Sweep You Off Your Feet?

Four inch heels are our bestest of friends come beginning of night, and worst of foes come end. They say beauty comes with a price, one which most of us can’t afford. Blisters, pain, limping, inability to walk directly on the bottom of our freshly pedicured-feet. It isn’t pretty and chances are your discomfort and regret for wearing your fashion statement all night long are so extreme so, that the guy you’re with somehow can feel your pain.

So what do these special ‘all hail’-you kinds of guys do? They pick us up (piggy back styles) and be the strong, buff, romantic man that we read about in see in films and literally (and figuratively) sweep us off our feet as they carry us on their backs. These are the same types of guys who insist we bring a jacket with us on a night out (when dawning a backless mini), yet when we object and then catch ourselves shivering our yoga-toned tuchuses off but an hour or so later, they offer their jacket to us. We are worth them bearing the cold, they insist we take it as they drape it over our shoulders after we say no, but mean yes.

There is something sorta sacred about landing yourself a lad who does these Romeoesque things innately. Without being prompted. Without being pushed. Genuine guys have been proved to be hard to find. If you catch your man empathizing somehow with you over pained feet, shivers, and all the other little things we do for the sake of maintaining our blonde, bronzed, persona, you my friends have found yourself a keeper.

Just remind yourself while you’re busy kvetching and he’s lending his support, to be able to do the same for him. If he’s had a long day on his feet, offer him a foot massage. Know he’s on the go all day and will likely be hungry when he gets home? Pick up some groceries and have some ready to eat snacks ready for him. A fulfilling aspect of relationships is being able to empathize and relate to your partner, offering solutions to answers and issues before they even have them.

- Jenny Jen

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