Do The Opposite Of What You Want

We are habitual by nature. Our days often look the same as we eat the same foods, dine at the same places, do the same workout routines and play it safe with the day-to-day decisions we make. So knowing this – when offered to join a few friends at a spin class – I decided to let go of my routine answer (which is ‘no thanks, I’m going to yoga) and instead do the opposite of what came naturally to me. I said yes.

As I put on my spin gear and hopped up on the bike, I was extremely intimidated. I was intermixed in a room of fit, well dressed women who all seemed to be able to navigate their way in the room and on the bike. With the mirror right in front of me I glanced across it to sneak a peak at what everyone else was doing to prep. An instructor came over and helped fit my feet into these little holders (which likely have a proper name, so please excuse my naivety). Music turned on, and we were welcomed to the class. My heart sped up in a mix of both anticipation and fulfillment. I was proud of myself for coming to the class, and I set an intention: to enjoy it.

It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was quick as hell and I may or may not have borderline fell off the non moving bike, but whenever I was in doubt I’d look to the lady next to me and she’d signal what to do. There was a sense of camaraderie in the room. I fell for the encouragement in my instructors voice, the willingness to help from the ladies around me, and for myself for pushing myself and not giving up even though I’ve never worked my body so hard in my life.

So what lesson did I learn that I want to transmit into your twentysomething life? To fight your automatic answers. To add something different to your routine. To say yes to friends when they ask you to try something different. I have now found a new hobby, all thanks to being more open to the idea of it. Same goes this past weekend when I went tubing up in Muskoka, despite my fear of water sports. The Boy insisted I try it (which wasn’t easy for him), and from the first few minutes of my tubing adventures, I had the biggest smile sprawled across my face, and admittedly couldn’t stop giggling. I now can’t hardly wait to go tubing again this weekend, perhaps even at a quicker speed.

The idea of is always worse than is. Let go of your thoughts and be more active in your life.

- Jenny Jen

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2 Responses to Do The Opposite Of What You Want

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the inpriration

  2. Jen, I love this and I am so proud of you for trying a spin class! I love trying new things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone, whether it's taking a yoga class when I really wanted to go for a run (thanks to you), trying a new exotic restaurant or purchasing an outfit that doesn't fit my usual "mold." So true, and so inspiring!

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