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You know when someone or something is bad for you.  By being a woman you have that extra sixth sense.  That gut feeling that tells you what’s up.  At first you might ignore it but know it’s there for a reason and eventually you’ll have to deal with it.  The sooner you do, likely the better.  The same way we take a pill when we have a headache, or drink water when we feel dehydrated, our body sends us a message and then we do what we can to overcome it.  To be healthy and surround yourself with other healthy people is to take great care of yourself.

A friend of mine told me a quote she lives by.  he says “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.”  Similar to the whole “Birds of a feather,” saying.  Need I say more?

So if you’ve met some new people who maybe aren’t the best influence.  Who maybe aren’t people you admire.  Who maybe bring you down, then what makes you continue to keep on keeping on with them?  I love surrounding myself with friends who are truly role-models.  Who are strong, empowering, successful women who work hard and play hard.  Who are loyal and dependable.  Who I learn from and grow with.

You’re not meant to save others, but you are meant to save yourself.  Those red flags exist for a reason.  So notice them and then do something about it.  And while cleaning up your act, realize that the company we keep effects our well being in many ways.  Ask yourself what attracts you to certain friends and what pushes you away from other friends, so you can embody those traits in which you admire in them, in yourself.  And make sure the traits that push you away aren’t ones that you don’t embark.

– Jenny Jen

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