Creating Traditions

Growing up, my mom made much of a celebration out of holidays. Balloons, banners, candies, you name it. Her passion for life and interest in those special days, is what made my childhood one that was filled with constant happy moments. Instead of fretting at the end of a great day, I knew my mom had many more in store for me and my siblings to look forward to. So it’s no wonder that aside from my birthday, my two favourite days are valentines day (go figure) and halloween.

But old traditions need not die hard. Having something to look forward to makes many of us hopeful on days where we feel anything but. So how about you create some new traditions? If this is your first halloween with your other half, why not set out a special halloween tradition for you to carry on over the years? By engaging in traditions with our partners, we in turn bond with them. Many of us get wrapped up with work and other responsibilities, often pushing aside days that deserve to be celebrated. Anniversary’s and birthdays are a given, but getting involved in other more childish and fun holiday’s will really add a different zest to your relationship. Remember, how you are at the beginning of a relationship sets the tone of what is to follow. Now is the perfect time create a memory.

Some ideas:

- host an annual costume party
- go pumpkin picking at a pumpkin patch (and not at your local grocers) and carve your pumpkins together
- bake a special pumpkin pie and meal that you will always have on this day each year
- dress up in a couples costume and take your – or his – nieces and nephews trick or treating
- decorate your place together with halloween themed garb
- invite both of your parents over for some fall-themed drinks and to hand out candy to the little ones in your area

A holiday is a great day to start a new tradition. Many of us let our days pass us by. We get wrapped up in our work and our lives and don’t make time for life’s little pleasures with those who mean the most to us. Awareness is the first step towards change, so, what are you waiting for?

Happy Halloween!

- Jenny Jen

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