Cottage Country: Why You And Him Must Head There

After spending yet another weekend up in Muskoka, I was again reminded of the allure of being in cottage country; the opportunity to unplug and unwind distraction free. Sure cottages are much like houses, though they have the luxury of being on lake. Oh and instead of getting around by car or foot, you have the option to get around by boat as well. And yes it is true, when you go up to a country house you are often doing much of the same you can do in the city (eat, drink and be merry) but the difference is the most powerful and prestigious feature of all: state of mind.

When up north, your to-do lists, your stress, time and itineraries are all at a stand still. The easygoing nature of being in nature allows you – or even forces you, perhaps – to just let go, which is something we often struggle with.

If you are your man are both power houses, then might I suggest planning a weekend getaway? It not only will help your bonding, but as I pinpoint in my article Relationship Quick-Fix: Plan A Weekend Getaway in my weekly relationship column for AOL Lifestyle, you can both reap many additional benefits. Check it out and then pack your bags. Truth be told, The Boy and I both keep a pre-packed cottage bag in our trunks so we are ready at any given moment for an impromptu lovers getaway. You might see that as ‘sweet’, but we see it as ‘mandatory’.

- Jenny Jen

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  1. Love it! There is nothing like a serene getaway to keep you sane and "in check." I love escaping, whether it's a long car ride, a private trip to the beach or an unexpected retreat. Great post my dear! XoXo

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