Butterflies As Motivation

As butterflies flutter around in our stomachs, we can’t help feel giddy. We can’t help but feel excited. We can’t help but smile as we acknowledge what the butterflies represent: anticipation. Butterflies are a gift. They are our bodies way of telling us that something special is about to happen. In regards to relationships, it is a reminder of the chemistry and connection we have with the men we are dating. Though butterflies tend to lead to some anxiety (our adrenaline pumping in full effect), they are the thing lust are made of.

I was recently driving up to Muskoka, after being separated from the boy for a week. It wasn’t until I was pulled over for speeding (my second speeding ticket in my 10+ years on the road, not bad), that I realized that my state, excitement and anticipation had an effect on my speed. When the officer asked me why I was speeding, I told him about my excitement. Though he could relate (I swear I saw a twinkle in his eye) he told me that if I’m anxious I should be even more cautious. Needless to say, I still got a ticket.

Since then I’ve caught myself in other moments where I’ve felt butterflies, and have looked back to pinpoint some as well. I started talking to a girlfriend about it, one who hasn’t experienced butterflies since the last guy she dated, and I was reminded just how truly special that feeling is. It acts as a motivator. If we feel them on a date, we interpret it as chemistry. If we feel it when we’re around someone it pushes us to make ourselves more available to that person. We are often driven by things that excite and stimulate us. So next time you feel that fluttery feeling in the pit of your stomach, do yourself the fortunite favour of labelling it ‘butterflies’ (as opposed to ‘nervousness’) and take that feeling in and allow it to not only motivate you but to remind you just how lucky you are.

- Jenny Jen

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