Baking for Blondes
They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Problem is – you’ve never used any of the accessories, uh…I mean, cooking appliances, in your kitchen. So what is a girl to do? Fear no more ladies. I have something simple, yet unique, that will make for a great light meal, or snack that is SO Fall. So join me in the kitchen, where I will walk you through a new favourite (and festive) dish I’ve put together, with a recipe so blonded-down, even you can do it!
Now remember – cooking can be fun and there aren’t any set in stone rules you need to follow. If you want more cinnamon sugar, add some more. Feel free to play around with the measurements I give you. Another way to enjoy baking is to cover your couture with an oh-so-girly apron. I suggest something like the Funktion apron, which can be found at Belle De Provence, for $54. Because we blonde bronze twentysomethings can use every opportunity we get to look cute! Belle De Provence offers five different styles, and let’s just say – if I cooked more than just these waffles, I’d have more than one!
Now put on your favourite iPod mix, and get into baking mode. Here we go…
Jenny Jen’s Pretty Lil’ Pumpkin Waffles for Two
You will need:
- 215 mL of Aunt Jemima’s Pancake Mix
- 1 pretty lil’ pumpkin
- 1 egg
- 150 mL of milk
- vanilla
- cinnamon sugar
Into the kitchen you go:
- preheat your oven to 350 F
- cut off the top of your pretty lil’ pumpkin, just the way you would prepare a pumpkin for carving
- reach your delicate hand down into the pumpkin, and pull out some of the guts
- place the big handful of guts onto an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet
- wrap the aluminum foil over the guts (so they don’t burn!)
- place in oven for 30 minutes
- remove from oven
- remove the seeds (straight to the garbage) and take the fleshy part of the guts and cut them into small pieces
- place the small pieces of guts into a blender and blend it with 150 mL of milk, until smooth
- in a medium sized bowl, add the pancake mix, egg, blended pumpkin milk (a.k.a. pureed pumpkin), 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and a generous pinch of cinnamon sugar, and stir until smooth
The hard part is over! All you need to do now is…
- spray some PAM onto the waffle maker (butter flavour PAM is my personal fave)
- pour half of the mix over the opened waffle maker, close, and let cook until you hear the beep!
- repeat with the leftover the mix
- serve!
I just love to sprinkle cinnamon sugar over the whole waffle. You can also add maple syrup, or any of your favourite toppings. If you don’t have a waffle maker in your home, you can always use this exact same recipe but instead, place the stirred up smooth ingredients onto a greased pan on the stove, and make them as pancakes! Please keep an eye on them so they don’t burn – best to cook the pumpkin pancakes on medium heat, flipping occasionally, until golden.
A waffle maker can be found at various stores such as The Bay, and they run from $75 – $100. Now I know you’d easily drop that money on a mani-pedi and waxing session, and this is definitely a purchase worth skipping your weekly visit for. It’s a great appliance to have when entertaining. It’s simple to use and perfect whether you are hosting a brunch, or just having dessert with the girls.
Happy Halloween.
- Jenny Jen
Want to purchase a Funktion apron? Call Belle De Provence’s toll free number to track down a location near you: 1-877-238-8801.

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  1. Jade.Weider says:

    umm…jen are you giving cooking advide?omg

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