Arrivals/The Airport Pickup

At 6am my eyes flicker open. Before I look at that clock, I feel it. That feeling of excitement; that knowingness that it’s not morning yet, no matter how much I will it to be. But the day hath arrived. ‘The day’ being the one in which the boy comes back from France. After he missed his connecting flight in Germany, it was quickly learned that he would no longer arrive yesterday, but today instead. After an immediate moment of frustration for him (and what he’s likely had to endure during this) I felt alighthly sad that my agenda (though it would still pan out) would do so on a delay; one day later. So what is a blonde, bronzed, girl to do? Why adapt, of course. I decided to invite my bestie over to the apartment for quite the quintessential girls night. Upon her arrival I prepared her the French-themed feast I planned for him. To the appropriate music (jazz en francais), dim lighting, slightly scented candles and a whole lot of giggles, we had a much-needed night in. A night that was in complete contrast to how I imagined it playing out earlier in the day. C’est la vie!

I had spent the morning planning the airport pickup, prepping the apartment (ie: sweeping and cleaning like none other), and picking up some French cuisine to have prepared upon his arrival. Butterflies danced in my stomach as I’d played a reel of airport pickups past. Is there really a better, more happy, more loving place than the arrival section of the airport? As the double doors whisk open and shut, family, friends and loved ones eyes light up in a moment of hope; in a moment of anticipation. ‘Could it be him?’ we think each and every time someone exits those ever-so-rewarding doors. The arrivals are a place to watch others reunite, love, embrace and catch eyes and it can be rather electric if you pick up on and are mindful of that palpable feeling.

Especially when it comes to couples coming back into contact. These couples tend to have a je ne sais quoi about them. A glimpse of a moment when everything is ok in their world. The picker-uppers tend to be creative; the idea of picking up a loved one from the airport comes with flowers, a sign, and perhaps a trenchcoat with nothing under for the more risque of you twentysomething dare devils (shout out to a close girlfriend of mine who has made this her airport pickup staple). The mindset is: we haven’t seen our other half in a while, we want to give them a memorable welcome home. We want to remind them why they love us so.

So how do you successfully pull off the welcome home airport pick up? Make your actions coincide to who you both are. It should come naturally – and if not – you shouldn’t do it. Think of what emotion you want to evoke.

- playful: you can bring a sign with his name on it

- adventurous: role play a bit and cater your gear to where he’s coming back from (eg: my boy is coming back from france, insert me in a beret with a basket of fresh, homemade croissants)

- nurturing: if he loves how you prep him meals and ‘take care of’ him, pack your lucky fellow his favourite treat (ice cream sandwhich or popsicles in the summer, in a mini cooler, of course)

- sentimental: a bouquet of ballons, a single long stem blue rose

Next time you pick up your sig oth from the airport (if you don’t have the priveledge of traveling with him), try to have some fun with it. Give the guy something unexpected, and you’ll no doubt always keep him on his toes.

- Jenny Jen

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