An Honest Girl Is A Confident Girl

There is something to be said of girls who share. Who share the name of their go-to hair colourist, who share the name of that boutique where they got their to-die-for winter coat, who share their secrets, tips and tricks in the name of beauty and helping a sister out. The women who admit that their $425 pumps were purchased half off, or that their Cartier watch was purchased on Canal Street (gasp) are the ones who are most confident with themselves. They are not threatened by another lady having what they have, but instead are willing and wanting to help her to feel just as good. To help her feel that she’s worthy of knowledge.

So what about those who say they “Can’t remember,” where they got their cocktail dress? Or how much their hair dresser charges them? Or even the name of the colour painted on their freshly manicured fingertips? These are the ladies who aren’t as comfortable with themselves. They feel like to tell you is to take away from the admiring to which you are giving them. Their fear being that if you know, then perhaps you won’t really admire it as much. Or them, for that matter.

When you are a woman who can compliment other attractive women instead of putting them down, who can share her beauty tips and inner most fashionista secrets, who can just be real without worrying about being judged, than you my friend are in a great place. People see through the “I don’t remembers,” and end up further judging. When we can be real, authentic and honest babes, that’s what will help feed our confidence. They say imitatation is the sincerest form of flattery, well so is another woman who admires something about you (or on you) enough to want to replicate said look. Though you don’t want a who wore it better situation to go down, it never hurts to indulge someone in their queries.

If you are – for some reason or another – the kind of girl who isn’t one to let others in on this kind of info, ask yourself why this is the case? What are you worried about? This may give you some insight into how you can make yourself a happier, more confident woman. Then once you do, feel free to come tell me your secrets. Kidding. Sort of.

– Jenny Jen

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