Afternoon Delight

Vince Vaughn made the term ‘eye fucking‘ popular in his hit comedy Wedding Crashers. The term almost as popular as the movie itself. Although we are more reserved with our number for the real deal, the eye fuck gives us the opportunity to engage in naughty little behaviour, only through our eyes.

Looking a man up and down, checking him out, giving him that look, undressing him with our eyes, these are all eye fuck worthy. Even the most conservative of us partake in this adventure of the eyes from time to time. And why shouldn’t you? It’s harmless (unless you are walking hand-in-hand with your man or he, his woman, in which case, keep your eyes to yourself!)

Oogling over a stranger is nothing new. Men do it, women do it, we give ourselves a delicious little treat with a quick – but captivating – look, and then move on with the rest of our day. Well, most of us do at least. However, some of us take it to the next level. What level is that, you ask? Some bold, blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings even cast a smile while doing the eye look. Eye for eye, lip for lip, come-hithering like there’s no tomorrow. Though more aggressive than some might partake in, this my friends, is the sign of pure adulterated come-talk-to-me-now nature.

So today I sat down to do the usual type-my-heart-out kind of thing and I thought I’d switch locations. Who knew that the men who frequent this Starbucks are like the foxiest in the city? As I pulled out my computer, I looked up and caught the eye of a guy so my type, in line. He raised me my look, and shot me one back. I held eye contact for a taboo five seconds, then looked away, trying to look busy, though all I could think about was the cameo of butterflies in my yoga-toned tummy. So I did it. I looked up again, my eyes ‘a thrusting. He challenged me to an equally expressive look, as if he was metaphorically hopping on top. Hot. And then, I broke. I just couldn’t do it. Even I was intimidated. Whata would you have done? Are you a fierce femme fatale who would’ve head nodded him over? Or would you have kept it in your pants so to say, passive aggressively wishing he’d just know that you’re interested?

This guy is as bold as the double expresso he ordered. I looked away for fear that my cheeks would turn christmas red, and that he’d be able to detect exactly what I was thinking since I’ve always been told I show all my emotion with my eyes. Oh Starbucks treat of the week, you had me at hello.

Perhaps I’ll have to hit up this location tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel! I guess we call this a little afternoon delight?

- Jenny Jen


2 Responses to Afternoon Delight

  1. ChickAdvisor says:

    Impressive! I hope he comes back :)

  2. Jenny Jen says:

    You and me both. Though I did the whole 'why didn't you head nod him over' thing in my head last night before bed. Oh to be young and regretful.

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