A Toast To What Matters

An official happy new year wish from me to you. As we start anew it’s important to reflect on the past. What works, what doesn’t work, and make changes accordingly. But what is even more important is to realize the each day, each moment, each breath is an opportunity to start over, a luxury not just lost on the first month of the year.

In fact, an important lesson to note is: it’s never too late.

– it’s never too late to apologize. By confessing to your sins, by accepting responsibility, by showing some compassion and empathy, you can feel a sense of empowerment knowing you’re being the best you you can be.

– it’s never too late to build a relationship. You may think that your poor decisions, behaviours or attitudes have pushed someone away completely, but a little effort can go a long way. Reach out, initiate contact, and see if over time, they come around. If so use this as a second chance to repatch the old, and begin to develop a new found (and enriched) friendship.

– it’s never too late to show gratitude. Sure, it’s nice for people to know they’re appreciated when they do something pretty monumental for you, but if you didn’t show just how grateful you were, send them a message, or better yet, send them some flowers with a well written card, sharing just how appreciative you are for them.

– it’s never too late to speak up. You might think an opportunity has passed you by, but never underestimate the power of using your words. Tell someone you’d like to date them, tell a friend you miss them, tell that guy you’re sorta, kinda into that you’re sorta, kinda into him. Speaking up for – and voiceing – what we want, is the only sure fire way we can get it. Use your words.

– it’s never too late to transform your perspective. No everyone doesn’t hate you. No you are not fat, ugly, stupid, unsuccessful, a failure, lazy, or whatever other god awful thing you’re telling yourself you mellow-dramatic girl you! Get rid of that negative self talk and switch it for optimism and positivity. We are our thoughts, so may as well make em worth your while, no?

– it’s never too late to change your reactions. Instead of writing off your anger as ‘Well I have a bad temper, so that’s how I am,’ instead work on letting your anger pass when it arises. Remove yourself from the situation, telling your partner you love them and need some cool off time before you resolve things, but reassure them that things are (and will be) ok. I love this quote: “When anger arises, think of the consequences.” Instead of reacting to your feeling and emotions, give them time to pass you by so you can respond in a healthy way.

And above all else, it’s never too late to love again.

Wishing a love-induced new year to you and those lucky enough to have you in their lives.

– Jenny Jen

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  1. Kalee says:

    A love-induced 2012 is an awesome thought! :) I am planning on sending thank you cards during this year. I started to last year, but I started to slack off. Also, I am planning on doing something sweet for those that are so special to me each month “just because”. Great post! :)

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