A sister by any other name

She is there for you when you want to hit the town on but a random weekday.  She’s there for you when she knows way better than you that it’s time to call it a night.  She’s there for you to pull you away from sticky situations that seem really rather romantic at the time.  And she’s there for you the morning after, without judgment and with a venti tea in her car cup-holders for you both.

She’s that girl that you can count on.  That you can laugh with.  That you can just enjoy the moment with.  She never makes you defend.  She never makes you feel less than.  She tells you how it is point blank, and allows you to just be you – even if you don’t listen to her. She challenges you, instead of sugar coating things while kissing your well-clad feet, like other more superficial friends.  She is the first to acknowledge both your good and your bad, both with the same tone, again a reflection of her non-judgmental persona.

This girl is also known as a fabulous friend.  Friends like these don’t come around often.  When you have one in your life, cherish their genuine nature.  Their authenticity.  Learn from what they offer you and offer that to others in your life which you love and have a comradery with.  Often people are there to pat us on our backs, a to raise a glass with us when the going is good.  But it’s those who are there for the good, the bad and the great who can be deemed true friends.  Who we know we can call upon, without feeling uncomfortable, or awkward or like we’ll be gossiped about for just being.

We choose friends very similarly to how we choose our mates.  We tend to want friends that we can’t get enough of being around.  Who make us laugh and are there for us when we cry.  Who act as more than a mirror by pointing out things we tend to overlook, a commonality when clouded by emotions.

People often go to certain friends for certain reasons.  You may have that one friend who you tell your deep dark secrets to (like your late-night eat confessions) and you may have that one friend who you share your successes with.  You may have a friend you talk about your conquests with, and another who you go to for advice.  But the friends who are the most real are the ones who you can go to for all the above.  You shouldn’t need to edit out details or divulge the world.  You should just be able to be your outrageously, fantastic, strong self and have a partner in crime to be that person with.  Take a look at your friendships and if this doesn’t ring true for them – if you don’t have a ‘she’ like I’ve listed above – then it’s time to re-evaluate and seek something deeper.

Like relationships, true friends are hard to find.  But once you have them, only love radiates.

– Jenny Jen

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