a reminder


I think we need to make the same mistake over and over and over again, until we can truly see it for what it is, before we make a change we’d really rather not make.

In terms of broken relationships I find it’s so easy to continue to hang out, get together with, go on dates with and sleep with your ex after a break up because there’s that need to sort of ween them off. The narrative we tell ourselves is that we love this person and there maybe wasn’t a certain thing they did that caused the relationship to end, and so there’s nothing wrong with continuing to spend some time with them, like maybe once a week, until you’re at a place to cut ties.

And yet, by doing that, there’s no way to rewrite the past, and one partner is always a little more hurt than another. And that shit – when you get together – is bound to come up. And it is bound to taint your time together at some point when you get together each and every time, despite how it might seem in the first little phase of your reunion when you jump in their car or arms upon seeing each other for the first time that week.

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