A Date in the Park

Grab your basket goldilocks, and head on over to a local park to eat to your hearts delight. Don’t forget to bring your bestie, or your man.

In the winter we run to restaurants to warm up with a big meal and a glass of Pinot (extra points for those restos with indoor fireplaces.) But now, summer has arrived. Patios are a basic summer meal go-to, but if you’re going to go out at all you may as well go the extra mile.

Today I made what just might be my best purchase of the summer…a basket. No, this isn’t your grandmother taking over Jenny Jen’s blog; it’s me in my picnic-anticipating glory. When was the last time you went on a picnic?

Last weekend, I read a friends Facebook status which rang a tune something along the lines of ‘Picnic-ing.’ And now, I want to follow suit. Actually not want to, but must. I’ve always loved the idea of picnicking, but in the past it consisted of picking up take out food (such as a bagel, sandwich or a sub) driving to a local park, setting up shop on the appropriately titled ‘picnic table’, eating and running. But the picnic that came to mind when reading said friends Facebook status is the picnic I’ve learned to fantasize about from seeing the ever-common picnic date scene in the show ‘The Bachelor’. It goes something like this: Girl and boy dress casually and head to a park with a big blanket (usually red and white checkered) and a basket full of wine, cheese, fresh fruits and an open mind.

There are so many variations on the typical picnic. You can cook an elaborate meal, or something light and easy. You can bring your favourite drink to set the mood (placed in a park-friendly canteen, of course) and even some candles if the picnic date takes place in the early eve (perfect for the star gazer romantic in you). And the location you can set up shop at is endless. From the beach, to the waterfront, to a park, there is a place that’s just right for you.

With picnics, you don’t need to worry about rushing through the meal, since no one is waiting for your table. You can dress casually and get away with wearing comfy flip-flops. It is a great opportunity to spend time focusing on just you and your partner, uninterrupted. And if it gets a little chilly you can bundle up together in a blanket. Now that’s romance, sigh.

Have you ever been on a picnic date in your twentysomethings? What did it consist of? Where did you go?

Here’s images of some celeb couples that picnic:

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