What Alice Forgot

what alice forgot

Sweet. Playful. Memorable.
Yet another hit read by one of my absolute fave authors, comes another great book that will no doubt make you slow down, and look at how you navigate your relationships with those closest to you.
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I ordered this book in to the Toronto Public Library. It’s not a new novel, so I thought I’d check online and see if it was available. I love visiting the library. It’s old school, but there’s something so special about all that goes on in a library. I went to grab this from the hold section, then caught myself wandering the aisles and shelves for well over an hour. If you love to read actual books (not online) and want to save some money, I highly recommend getting a library card and checking out your local branch. My branch is so high tech. It has a 3D printer, a green screen to film with and weekly gossip mags (my guilty pleasure) all free to use and take out.

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