Prepping for yet another love affair

Back on the mat.  Where I have time alone to breathe.  To inhale.  To reflect.  To grow.

Back on the mat where I feel at peace.  A sense of calm.  Well being.  Safety.  Maturity.

Back on the mat where I can rendez vous with passion.  Emotion.  Feelings released and feelings to be savoured.

Back on the mat to start and end my day while nurturing my body and my mind.  Where I’m surrounded by those in the community, those like-minded individuals who too are there for the same reasons.

Back on the mat where I feel a sense of purpose.  Where I can watch my thoughts as merely an observer as they arise and pass by just like that.

Back to the mat where I see my body changing before my eyes.  Which allows me to want to eat cleaner and be more mindful of all that I ingest food wise, gossip wise, company wise.  More aware as ever as the healthiness and stability of my surroundings; as myself.

After a month off of the mat due to health reasons and a busy schedule (just when I thought it couldn’t get busier) I’ve decided to make a commitment to myself to get back on the mat.  To make the time to practice at least once daily.  To add balance back into my routine.  To enhance my life’s order and the order of those who I connect with.  The best gift other than love that I ever received was the gift of yoga.  I’m ready for yet another love affair with it.

Already I’ve mapped out my journey for the rest of this month and next.  I can’t wait to see it through, an easy feat I’m sure that will start the same second I make my way right where I belong, back on the mat.  Namaste.

– Jen

Photo: Jen Kirsch.

One Response to Prepping for yet another love affair

  1. tyler says:

    Yoga is indeed a true gift. It can change your life, and everything in it.

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