Young Girl Seeks Pool

I don’t have a pool. I’ve never had a pool. And though some girls envy others for their clothes/men/cars/bodies, i always envied other little ladies for something as simple as their at home pools.

Yes, their pools. I was always the girl who lived next to houses with pools, but never had one of my own. I grew up with an indoor hot tub. A spa. A sauna. A games room. And on and on, but never the one thing I always wanted: a pool. Cry me a river, tears to fill one; tough life, I know. But to me a pool was the epitome of perfection, and those who had the luxury of having one were nothing short of being my heroes as I grew up.

Growing up, were you not jealous of the other kids you knew who had a pool? Did you not hope for – pray for – an invite to their pool? This invite to you was like being asked to the prom. It was the invitation of all invitations. I know someone who suddenly became the most popular kid come summertime (likely a result of his salt water pool) but during the cooler seasons he didn’t have many takers. And there you have it.

Back when I was still but a young girl, and my mom would make play dates for me with my friends, there would be an influx of requests on my end to get together with friends that had pools. The best was when neighbours of mine (who I was so close with) decided to build a pool, and gave me an open invitation to dive on by. To say I spent everyday there splashing around is an understatement. Eat, sleep, swim was the mentality as it was.

Being a June baby only sealed the deal for me. Pool parties were my go to year after year, and all my friends were just as excited as I. My mom would go out of her way to find the hippest pools across the city and somehow, she never fell short. Find a flashy pool and do no wrong, so the story goes. I still run into people who still applaud my mom and talk about their memories of my always-fabulous pool parties. I always love hearing how her panache to pick a pool that gives good party is the take away many an attendee has had all these years later.

And the innocent, childhood fun of lying around a pool and playing in it isn’t lost in our so-called adulthood. As great as it is to sit on a rooftop patio with a killer view of the city (a luxury many of our condo buildings seem to provide), a pool still seals the deal. Just like in ‘Sex and the City,’ where Samantha craves the pool chill to such an extreme that she pretends to be someone else to sneak into the acclaimed roof-top pool at Soho House. But not going to lie, the joy of reaping a pools’ benefits may be worth the humility. Good work Sam. I feel you, girl.

So if you can land yourself poolside, here is what you’ll need:

– Sunscreen with 30+ SPF, because we know not to fuck around with our skin and the sun. A BPA free waterbottle filled with some good, fresh H2O and fruits of your choice. A cover-up for when the sun gets a wee bit too strong.

– Chick Lit. Nothing makes the time go by faster than a naughty novel to tempt your mind. Find a flirty book, and feel free to let the plot line seep into your love life. Hot tips aren’t just segregated to the pages of the women’s bible anymore (yet a Cosmo mag never fails to do the trick.)

– An itty bitty bikini. It’s not so much about how your body looks in it, as it is about how you feel in it. Beauty is all about inner confidence so get a fierce little number that makes you feel like yourself, and work it.

What to leave at home:

– As much as your squinty baby blues are longing for a pair of designer shades, leave them at home. The ‘racoon eyes’ thing should be a mistake we’ve learned from in the past. No amount of concealer and/or cover up ever hides the fact that you’re wearing white sunglasses, even though nothing is on your face.

– Jen

Photo: Jen Kirsch.

3 Responses to Young Girl Seeks Pool

  1. Veronika says:

    I never had a pool growing up but felt the same way you do- bring on the pool!In Texas, every single apartment complex has a really good pool so we can use some of our friend's pools, and we can also use the awesome pools at the country club :)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article until the what to bring part. I get being bronzed is your trademark and it works but I was kind of shocked. Maybe you don’t realize how strong your presence is, but a lot of girls read your blog and I just think with your influence you should be promoting SPF usage. Even Babe Walker from White Girl Problems promotes. Cupcakes and Cashmere, the Luxe sisters, almost everyone.
    Faux-tan is in right now. Its all about treating your skin like royalty, not baking in banana boat oil.
    I love your work and I respect your right to your opinioin and post whatever you want, thats actually something I admire about you, you post your honest thoughts, so no pressure but its just something to think about.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. I think you are bang on. That post was written two summers ago and since then not only do I practice safer sun, but I also have some great products that give me that bronzed glow that I lust after. Perhaps I can do a post on that to promote. Stay tuned!

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