Things I’ve used as paper when an idea emerged


Bouts of creativity happen at every inopportune moment to jot them down (sleeping, sex, while at a funeral, the usual.) And so, as a writer whose ideas turn into a story in which I can monetize and in turn can afford my lifestyle as I know it, I can’t let these ideas drift away in the abyss of no recollection. My memory is shameful (I’ve left stoves on. I’ve spent too much time wandering through a 5-level Toronto above-ground parking lot trying to find my car that I JUST PARKED.) (I don’t want to talk about it.) Sooooo, though I carry a notebook everywhere I go (I swear that’s why all my purses are so big!) I sometimes don’t have time/the availability to access it or to be covert without offending (read: sex partner) I gotta make do what I’ve got in the moment.

Here is a list of some of the things I’ve written ideas on, that I can remember:

  • A taxi chit
  • A teeny-tiny subway transfer
  • my arm
  • a dates arm (because god forbid the ink doesn’t go with my outfit)
  • a bill
  • napkin
  • paper towel
  • toilet paper roll, minus the toilet paper (i shit you not)
  • a Starbucks sleeve
  • a Starbucks paper bag (food removed from bag and into mouth first)
  • a to-go tea cup
  • in a save draft text
  • in a text sent to a best bud asking them to remind me about it later (they always do!)
  • in an email to myself
  • in a voicemail to myself (because i was born in the year 1984 and don’t know how to do a voice note)
  • a sugar packet (never splenda or sweetener bc i so don’t support aspartame)
  • a piece of scotch tape
  • inside of a juicy fruit wrapper
  • inside a trident wrapper (don’t try this at home, kids!)
  • a damp coaster

Are there obvious things I should be writing on that I’m not? Either way, good talk.

– Jen

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