short + sweet


Tea boiling. Music blaring. Wearing his tee. And him, his heart on his sleeve. How fitting. A match. Buzzed from the last few hits. Window open. Airing shit out. Catching kisses in the kitchen. On the couch. In the bed. Hands, arms, legs wrapped around one another. For hours, days, weeks on end. To be lost in another. To lose track of time, life and reality. This is what life is made of. Moments that just unfold. Easily. Effortlessly. An abyss of sorts. Lost in the others aura and vibes.

Ease. Organic. Natural. Positive. This is what’s up. This is how it should be. So when things pass on by, as things tend to do, hone in on that energy and pay it the fuck forward. Know and acknowledge those people you meet and choose to spend your precious time with who radiate those beams of chillness. And know when to cut out those who do anything but. Bye bye.

– Jen

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