Letting go

They say art imitates life.  So, when watching movies or TV shows it’s no wonder that some scenes we watch hit close to home. Too close. Cue: tears/needing to change the channel/anger, etc.

I’m often amazed at our inability to see things for what they are.  We are beings that self-protect like none other; that wear rosy shaded glasses even on the darkest of days.  But fortunately for the sake of reality and the need for growth, there are certain scenes that we can watch that have the ability to wake us up and see the light.

Watching a reel play out that is similar to one that you lived through, has the tendency to hit the heart, head on.  For only when we see other people going through that in which we can relate, do we only see the big picture.  Therefore, watching story lines and characters who are similar to us can – in an interesting way – help us grow.  Force us to, at that. It can also help us feel less lonely, less wrong, less antagonistic towards ourselves for we see we’re not alone. We’re actually going through the hoops and trials and tribulations that every writer that is able to admit is.

They say when things go on in our lives that we can’t seem to process, that we push our feelings down.  But in order to move forward and free ourselves from these feelings, we need to give them light.  To give them light we need to experience them – pain and all – for what they are.  How tough.  How unwilling we are to do just that.  Which is why – I argue in my essay-version of today’s blog post – that we should turn on our minds and not look away when a scene comes on the screen that can help us tap into those feelings; into that fear.  Like the scene of two exes talking about how one cheated, and how the other found out and wished they hadn’t.  Like the scene of someone taking their last few breaths, and another watching them, saying their last ‘I love you’s,’ holding their hand as their heart stops.

When we can re-experience emotions that we once forced ourselves not to, we can finally give them light; finally let them out of our mind and body so we can have the space and energy for more love; more kindness.

You are the only person holding yourself back.  One of the greatest things you can ever do for yourself is to let go of past hurts, and to forgive.  Once you forgive, you set yourself free.

– Jenny Jen

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  1. Really well written and full of truth. Book marking this for the next time I need a reality check.

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