how i did summer 2016


Summer time and the living is…complicated. A listical penned by yours truly, on all things summer 2016. The dog days of the season hath arrived, but the memories will live on forever, on this page on the world wide web.

Things I have in my purse that should be in the garbage:

  • a bite-sized portion of a chopped kale salad (from Fresh)
  • the heels i was wearing when i fell and fractured my left (phew!) wrist (which went operated on)
  • non-vegan gum
  • ashes

Things I’ve used Facebook chat for:

  • flirting
  • procrastinating
  • interviewing subjects
  • sex
  • starting a friendship
  • starting a more than friendship
  • being a creep
  • building relationships
  • confrontation
  • keeping in touch with a long-distance dude i met on a trip to aruba on a dating app (what up, happn!)
  • boredom
  • drunk messaging (2am + on)

Things I’ve tripped on this summer:

  • cobblestone
  • my laptop plug/charger/wire
  • drugs (hash, but i think someone sprinkled weed in it {??,} because like whoa and also like, no thanks.)

Dirtiest text received:

  • an unprompted picture of a guys dick, with his shorts around his ankles (?) while he’s lying on his bed

Dirtiest text sent:

  • my swollen, bruised, bloody wrist post-surgery in a cast the size of the entire band that makes up Arcade Fire #bionicchic

The birth year of boys I’ve had crushes on this summer:

    • 1975
    • 1994
    • 1987/1989
    • born in the 60’s or 2000’s? hit me up! #basescovered

Things I’ve broken this summer:

  • my macbook hard case
  • my wrist
  • a heart

Concerts/music fests i had tix to but missed because of my goddamn fractured wrist #thestruggleisreal:

  • Dave Matthews Band
  • Pemberton music fest
  • Wayhome
  • Osheaga

Concerts attended:

  • Arkells x 2
  • Tragically Hip x 3 (toronto 8/10 – toronto 8/14 – hamilton 8/17)
  • AWOLNATION/Prophets of Rage ft. Dave Grohl (toronto 8/24)

Books read:

  • Modern Lovers
  • The Hopefuls
  • First comes Love
  • Truly, Madly, Guilty
  • The Couple Next Door
  • You’ll Grow out of It
  • I Can’t Believe it’s not Better
  • Drinking: A Love Story
  • Wishful Drinking

Books I started to read, but didn’t fall for, so stopped. BYYEEEEE!:

  • The Girls
  • Sweetbitter
  • Sex Object

Books in queue to be read:

  • Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo
  • A Little thing Called Life
  • Love Warrior
  • All is not Forgotten (Indigo’s staff pick of the month – gifted to me by Indigo, duh)

Things i was forced – due to unforeseen circumstances- to wear:

  • a turtleneck
  • a smile
  • my heart on my sleeve


  • my lovely samsung alpha, may you RIP
  • a 4.5 month relationship
  • all the animals you guys bbq’d the f out of that i never ate (viva la veg life)


xo jen

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