find someone better, even if it’s just yourself


Find somebody who listens and has learned you inside and out to know just what to do when you’re feeling, anxious, down and out.

Find somebody who communicates with you openly, honestly and respectfully, who doesn’t take jabs and pokes at you, doesn’t name call and doesn’t ever put you down. Healthy communication never calls for these measures. No one needs that negativity, especially not you.

Find somebody who loves you without conditions.

Find somebody who doesn’t have to lose you first to know your worth.

Find somebody who can show you compassion and adoration in all ways: verbally, physically, sexually.

Find somebody who you can look at right in the eyes and communicate an entire story with using only your eyes.

Find somebody who makes you feel so completely lucky, for just having you in their presence.

Find somebody who is sensitive, though not sensitive so much so that they leave you as soon as the going gets tough because they’re too overwhelmed by their emotions. The one who sticks it out is one who values you enough to fight through the bumps that arise.

Find somebody who you can sit comfortably with in silences.

Find somebody who challenges you and teaches you to be a better person through conversing with them.

Find somebody who supports what you do and who is curious about your day to day happenings.

Find somebody who can’t take their hands off of you. I truly believe it’s possible to have a love affair that lasts forever. That person who immediately grabs your hand to hold no matter where you are, who fits in like a puzzle piece, who feels so right, who reaches for a grab under the table…That’s. Your. Person. That’s desire in its finest form.

Find somebody that you know, even if you were ever to break up with them, that your family and friends will still inquire about them far down the road because they’re just so loveable and really made you light up in their presence.

Find somebody who you know would leave you with grace if they were to leave. You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you.

Find somebody who balances you out. Is a yin to your yang or vice versa. Relationships are meant to make you grow, not stay complacent.

Find somebody you can be completely and utterly playful with, and not feel silly for but a moment but grateful for such a goofy connection.

Find somebody who you can’t help but adore.

You are deservent of a healthy relationship. Sometimes you wrongly tell yourself in your head that since you put in time or effort or money or whatever it is into your relationship, that you should wait it out. That people change. That it’s too late. That you’re too old. That you’ll be judged and gossiped about if you leave. This is a fallacy. In fact, when you stay in toxic relationships and linger around with someone who is bringing you down, people are talking about you, but for all the wrong reasons. People wonder why you stay. Wonder why you’re not strong enough to either be on your own or to find another who appreciates you and respects you enough not to put you down.

We all know the saying life is too short. We know it all too fucking well. We’ve lost a parent, or a loved one. We’ve maybe had a near-death freak accident of our own. And yet, we still wait shit out. We let shit be. We remain in a status quo state because we’re too goddamn weak to accept defeat; to accept that change is coming. We sit. We stay. We waste. We waste ourselves and our precious time. This is not life. This is not living. You’re breathing, so you’re living, but you’re not alive.

Wake up. Get out. Do. If something isn’t serving you, accept it and then remove it from your life, at all costs. Literally, at. All. Costs. Lean on family or friends or your support network and revive yourself. Push yourself. You will not – I promise you – realize how bad things really are until you remove yourself from your situation. Until you find somebody worthy of you and your love and all that you are. It exists, I very much so promise you, sweet reader. But you will never attract that in your life so long as you stay put in whatever situation, which ever person is not described in the above. Choose to be healthy. Choose to be happy. Choose you.

– Jen



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