and on the 365th day, we have reflection

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What a difference a year makes, and so the story goes. Today is the 365th day of 2015, which means our notebook of the year is coming to an ending, happily ever after, or not. With the last day of the year comes reflection on all of that which we endured. The losses. The challenges. The triumphs and the successes. Love lost and love found again with another. Dealing with the bad and coming out alive; coming out of it with a renewed sense of strength and growth, with tell-tale lines on the canvas that is our faces. Like pieces of art the markings share a story for those to look at and interpret on their own, oblivious to what the artist themselves endured.

There’s a sense of sadness that stems from the knowingness that today is an ending of sorts. We see clearly and can easily reflect and measure our worth and value; our good deeds and the more sinister that have comprised the past 365 days. We can aptly distinguish whether we reached our goals and lived true to our promises and intentions. Where were you at the moment last year. What were your wants and needs and things to fix for your clean slate ahead? And now that it’s completely covered, how did you fare? And how will you use this awareness to begin anew, come morn?

For me, this year out of all my years was the most transitional. As of July 1st, my life as I knew it changed, beginning with the decision to end my relationship with my then boyfriend, an absolutely amazing man with the sweetest soul I know. This ending with my love who was also my bestest of friends, had a domino affect that is still knocking down tiles even today. Because with transition comes coping with changes and the challenges that changes bring up mentally, emotionally and physically.

But on-top of that, I’m reminded that I did my best this year to get to where I want to be in my career and with my day-to-day habits, health and hobbies. While packing up my condo last night, as my moving date looms,I  found the 5-year plan I wrote out when I was 27. How’s that for serendipitous timing? Now, 5 years later, I’m awestruck that I reached all the goals that I sought out. Sometimes it’s as simplistic as writing things out, and thinking of the future, to start turning wishes and wants into realities and your life. Sometimes it’s about finding these written words and hopes down the road to be reminded on just how far you’ve come. To be reminded on just how much you’ve accomplished.

As this year comes to a close I’m reminded of the strength of the human heart and the ability for us to move forward even when it’s the last thing imaginable. We are all survivors. We can do it if we just let time work it’s magic the only way time can.

When looking back on your year and thinking of that that you’ve lost, perhaps a lover, a spouse, a job, a home – no matter what it is, we all know that with the right mindset, with the right support group, we can continue on. But there’s always a lesson is loss. And when that lesson is finally made aware to you, you can move forward with new eyes. A new perspective. One that ideally allows you to move on in a healthy way where you won’t make the same mistakes.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy New Years Eve. I wish nothing but the best for each and every one of you in 2016. Tomorrow you will be giving a blank notebook, and it’s up to you alone the type of story you want to write for yourself over the next 365 days. Make it a read worthwhile. Make it a read full of love and light.

– Jen

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