3, 2, 1…fireworks. how something new can happen just like that


It’s obvious what you want. It’s obvious he wants it too. Everyone knew what up when you reached out not so nonchalantly seeking something, anything, to discuss as an excuse to have an introduction and get in a discussion with him. And just incase your intentions were unclear, you planted the ‘Are you single?’ bomb. Smooth. Either way, you liked what you saw, you planted the seed, hoped for the best, and in he came with his hose ready to water that seed beneath the dirt. Game on. Cue cold shower.

Messages sent. Messages returned. A back and forth pattern created with a paragraph here and some insight there. And then, casual remarks written as you both share insight into your evening plans, with the subtlety that your paths can cross. With the obviousness that they will. And they do.

You revise your plans for the eve to feed into what your soul craves. That radiant energy to take you over whole to the sound of tunes played on the most unique of instruments. Some chase parties. You chase energy. You arrive, get a stiff drink for your need-to-be-filled eager hands, and head to the back where you see him standing there across the room, just like that. Unmissible. A hello, obligatory introductions and then the opportunity to separate ways, or maybe continue along the same path. You let him lead. And he does. Another decision on his end that doesn’t go unnoted.

Friendly banter. Flirtatious vibes, though that could be the bubbly from your filled flute you guzzled earlier in the eve. And then it all happens so fast. So fast that there aren’t even any expectations. No time to wonder if you’re on the same page. Just 3, 2, 1…fireworks. Well that was easy. Guess the feeling’s mutual. A memorable night is made, on the most non-memorable night of the year.

So there you are. A new dawn, a new day. Legs draped over his, thinking ‘well that happened fast.’ You lock eyes as he runs his skillful fingers in your hair, while you gazing up at him while stroking his in-the-process beard. Even while sitting with him, it doesn’t even seem like enough. Because you’re so connected that you want to fall into him, so you sit on his lap just to inch a little bit closer. Because you can’t get enough.

And you can’t help but think that you can’t wait to see him again. Because your addictive personality has just been stimulated by an energy that thrusts a sense of ease and comfort deep within. It’s just calm. It makes sense. And isn’t that all we want? To just be us and find someone who is just them and for everyone to feel comfortable and natural? To share a felt energy in all areas? You lock fingers. You gaze. And you think this could be something great. But you stop yourself from those thoughts, because they can lead to disappointment. And we all self-protect and find shit too good to be true when it seems it so soon.

To feel something identifiable for someone is something noteworthy in and of itself. Typically we go for people because of their availability, their lack thereof, their physical look, their material items, their status, and so the list goes on. But how rare it is that we simply, seemingly fall for someone solely on the aura they put out. How intuitive. How cosmic. How pure.

Done are the superficial days of hooking up or dating someone for a reason. To check something off our list. To do so based on some need. Those situations are superficial. Those situations never work.

Now’s the time to hone in on how you feel when in the presence of this other. Do you feel better or worse? Are you at ease or walking on egg shells? Can you not wait to see them again, or are you craving some much-needed space?

Learn to look within to see what it is that makes you gravitate to another. And if you find one where things seem so easy and natural with, let them work their course. Take a step back from putting your effort into others for fear of putting your eggs in one basket and just give things time to work out how they’re meant to. The more true you are to yourself, the more others will be attracted to that same contagious confidence. Believe that the feeling is mutual; because let’s be honest, if you can feel it, chances are they can too.

– Jen

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