Monthly Archives: September 2015

doin it and doin it and doin it well


Electric chemistry. Illicit make outs. In bars. In bathrooms. In lines. In bed. The mere thought of these moments conjures images of the experience, as your stomach flutters and your cheeks turn a shade of rose that tends to be …

he’s hers now, and that’s ok


How sweet. How so very decadent it is to observe one who was once yours in a state of bewitching bliss. To observe it, and in your heart of hearts, to feel surprisingly touched that they found the one. They …

why the words i’m sorry will save all your relationships


You just have to say you’re sorry. It’s the only way to ever find peace within yourself; to make peace with others. Whether you’re in the right or whether you’re in the wrong, need not apply. These two words are …