Monthly Archives: April 2015

The tumultuous couple


The tumultuous couple. We all know one. That couple that makes you wonder how amazing the sex really is behind closed doors because you sure as fuck can’t figure out why they’re together. They’re always arguing in front of you …

motherless celebrations


A loss too soon, as they always are. A void in the heart, mind and energy. Longing unanswered. Memories shape-shifted as one gets older and the mind gets blurry. Holidays. Passover. Easter. A weekend of celebration, of feasting on both …

about last night


End of night. Get in. As you put on your at-home uniform (the go-to tried, tested and true patterned pj pants and your exes oversized-tee) and pour a nightcap (or a big glass of water,) you lay down and cozy …