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The truth about your newfound bestie


We’ve all been there. We’re sitting at home, glass of chilled wine in our manicured, dainty hands, distracting ourselves on Instagram, Twitter and the like, only to see those we considered our good friends, out together, without us in tow. …

How to meet, and then land, the guy you’re crushing on

jen kirsch martin jensen

For those of you who have followed my blog religiously over the past four or so years, you might be wondering where the eff I’ve been and why I’ve been seemingly-slacking on salacious posts. Simply, I’ve been – around, just …

Blonde, bronzed, thirtysomething?

jen kirsch, martin jensen

Jen Kirsch and model Martin Jensen aboard The River Gambler When your brand is all about being a twentysomething, a lot of reflection comes when you turn the somewhat more mature age of 30, which I did a few weeks …