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When the guy you’re hooking up with runs off with someone else

another man

You meet up with the guy you’re sorta, kinda hooking up with.  The scene is the bar.  It’s a night on a weekend.  He’s there with some friends as are you and you all do the intro’s and get a …

Loving Kindness


Once upon a time, I took an 8-week course in mindfulness training.  The course was so positively impactful on my life, that – not only did I take the next level of the course on ‘Loving kindness,’ but – I …

Friends who write off friends

miss you

Have you ever had a friend who seemingly disappeared out of nowhere?  Like not in the ‘she-has-a-new-boyfriend’ way but in the ‘she-always-tells-me-she’s-busy’ and always pleasantly declines your plans kinda way?  What’s going on with that – you wonder as you …