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The gift of giving

When deciding what to gift the one that has your heart, always go above and beyond.  Not in a materialistic, spending-a-shit-load-of-money kind of way, but in an i-want-to-provide-you-with-a-memorable-experience kind of way.  Pay attention to what your partner likes.  Who they …

Quotes to put a smile on your pretty little face

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– Jenny Jen

How you impact others

beatles quotes

We never know how we can impact someones day.  By simply sharing a compliment.  By holding the door open.  By smiling at them.  By being grateful for something they did.  By writing a Tweet from the heart.  We auto-pilot our …

His and her holiday gift guide, for the different stages in your relationship

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‘Tis the season of giving and getting and no, not just behind closed doors.  With the holidays comes the opportunity to shower your special someone with love, praise and attention, as well as the opp to show them just how …

He’s thinking what you’re thinking


We often sit around wondering what he’s thinking.  He being the guy in our lives who we can’t seem to get off our mind.  We stress.  We make up story lines.  We wonder.  We expect the worst.  We might even …