Monthly Archives: September 2012

How to take not-so-great news


You get bad news.  It may be a surprise.  You may have seen it coming.  But no matter how you heard, it hurts like hell and your immediate response is to go through the why’s and how’s, and perhaps, to …

A conversation with the boys from Bachelor Pad

ed Swiderski, jen kirsch

It’s not every day you get contacted by a publicist to interview Bachelor Pad’s Michael Stagliano and Ed Swiderski, but on a casual mid-weeks afternoon, I recieved a call requesting just that.  Being a relationship expert on Love Trap, a …

Giving and getting: a key to happiness


If you’ve been with the same partner for days and weeks and years on end, chances are he knows you and your patterns and your ways of beings more than you know yourself.  Chances are he has heard you out …