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What to wear on a summer date

jen kirsch

As Slice TV‘s relationship expert, I am always helping viewers out with their relationship queries.  Today, I share my tips on what to wear on a summer date. Check it out here. What I’m wearing in the photo above: Herve …

Always wanting more

grown ups

It’s 2am on a Friday night.  You’re completely sober.  You’re 28 (or so,) and you live on your own.  You’ve got a pantry full of goodies and a freezer full of ice cream sandwhiches.  You see a picture online of …

What broken heart?

the best is yet to come

How soon we forget the pain felt only hours ago.  The heartbreak.  Our minds telling us that we’re: not good enough, not worthy enough, not likeable, uncared for.  How angry we are at another for getting under our skin.  How …