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Give yourself a break

teen vogue dating advice

We do.  We act.  We analyze our actions.  We regret. We are beings who are always judging, especially ourselves.  We are labeling our actions and words and decisions as good, as bad, as ugly.  We then feel either proud or …

The lies we ALL tell ourselves

he's just not that into you

We are all such multifaceted, talented young ladies.  A simple look at my group of lady friends and I see women who are ready to take over the world.  Bright.  Ambitious.  Successful.  Beautiful in all senses of the word.  So …

In times of loss


I’m so in awe.  I’m in awe of people’s love, compassion and ability to support.  I’m in awe of human connection, chemistry, fulfillment.  I’m in awe of friendshipness and the innateness we have to come together and to be there …