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How to seal the deal (by using technology) 101


You’re here; he’s there. You hear that tell tale sign coming from your BlackBerry Bold and it’s just what you were hoping for.  He initiated a message over BBM and it is in that very moment that you’re all too …

A defensive person is a weak one


I never thought I’d ever start of a blog post with this but, I was watching The Bachelorette the other night… …and I noticed two guys quarreling and I actually had to look away.  Why did I look away?  Because …

Blonde, bronzed, twentysomething in TeenVOGUE

Long distance relationships and all that jazz.  Check out my expert advice as featured in: – Jenny Jen

Miss You (A song by The Rolling Stones)


To miss is to remember in a way likely tainted.  Likely confused.  Something as simple as a trigger could remind us of something we once had, even if it had been so far from our mind up until that point.  …

Picking and Choosing


“I can’t get together tonight,” he utters as he goes on to tell you he’s back on the health track, trying not to indulge in drinking and meals out and late nights. Instead he insists that he intends to start …