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Let go


I used to be scared.  I used to be afraid.  To say what I thought.  To admit what I thought.  Of judgment.  Of disapproval.  Of being.  But then I grew up.  I was met with some circumstances that life threw …

Is it or is it not a date?

date outfits

He’s a guy, you’re a girl and you’re both single; you’re both straight.  And you make plans to get together perhaps over drinks; perhaps over a whole meal of food.  Oh and one thing you know for certain is that …

Put a label on it


When we dated in our teens, in our university days and a bit beyond that, we were really rather caught up in the whole where-do-we-stand thing.  From inner monologues to full-fledged what-do-you-think-he’s-thinking long-winded talks with friends, we would try to …