Monthly Archives: February 2012

Have your cake and eat it too


You meet someone.  You’re attracted to them.  They are so your type and everything in between.  You have a connection, or chemistry, if you will and though you can see yourself having a fun time with the gent, there’s this …

The Equivalent of the Little Turquoise Box, For Him


When giving gifts, we all want to be labeled as the best gift giver ever.  It’s sort of this innate want that we all have, because let’s face it, it feels good to give and to be appreciated for that …



That electric, borderline indescribable feeling where it has everything to do with chemistry. With that I-can’t-get-my-hands-off-of-you mentality that has no explanation, but has an overriding feeling.  You see a guy.  You know he see’s you.  Like a magnet you are …